Concrete Floor Moisture Mitigation System   The Hydro-Seal system of flooring adhesive and vapor suppressant will  provide a five-year (5) warranty of adhesive bond up to 90% in situ Relative Humidity by ASTM 2170.


Hydro-Seal has been used and trusted for over a decade by nationally recognized retailers. Over 15million square feet of high moisture flooring has been installed with our system. Hydro-Seal is “0” VOC, manufactured in Orange County, CA and third-party certified by the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS)* as a low-emitting material passing CA Section 01350 with flying colors.


The Hydro-Seal warranty will supersede the “recommended adhesive” warranty provided by the flooring manufacturer in every case and will not alter, impinge or preclude the value of the manufacturer’s “expressed” warranty of construction per Section 2316 of the Uniform Commercial Code…

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Hydro-Seal Primer – A water-based polymer coating that blocks the efflorescence of mineral salts which elevate pH in the presence of moisture. Primer will reduce MVER by 30%, increase bond strength by 25% and is universally compatible with all adhesives to extend moisture resistance or with MAXX for a warranted 90%RH solution.

Hydro-Seal MAXX (Universal) – Ultimate hybrid adhesive and a Formulators original innovation. Universally applied to all types of resilient flooring. Simply grind to CSP 1 and spread the adhesive. Then set the tile or sheet in semi-wet state. Once cured MAXX will not telegraph trowel lines and will provide adhesive bond strengths over 300% stronger than typical VCT glue (pressure sensitive). The MAXX adhesive is warranted to 85%RH alone and 90%RH with Primer.

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Hydro-Seal Primer
Hydro-Seal MAXX
HydroSeal Primer/Membrane Application Photolog
Hydro-Seal Performance Warranty